Featured Member (October) - Ramon Dorame

Tell us 3 interesting nuggets about yourself
Until age 11 I lived in the forest. While I wasn’t raised by a pack of wolves or anything cool like that, my dad worked for the Forest Service, which meant we got to live at the Ranger Station. I even attended a one-room school from K-6th grade, which was pretty interesting. My friends and I made the most of our time out there and could usually be found building forts and exploring the forest.

I’ve been married to my wife Holly for over 14 years and we have two boys, Tate (13) and Tavin (11). They are my motivation for getting into better shape and improving my health. I am extremely fortunate to have a family that supports my desire to be run and compete. They truly are amazing!

I wasn’t a big fan of running when I first started getting ‘into shape’; that changed after signing up for my first Spartan Race in 2013. From that point I slowly started adding miles onto my races. Since then I have completed close to 20 Spartan Races (of varying distances and locations), 10 Tough Mudder’s, a few Ultras, and a lot of distances in between. I’m not a big fan of running on the road, but have dabbled there from time to time – mostly because I cannot resist a challenge.

Why do you run?
I run because I love the mental and physical challenges that it brings. Ironically both of these were reasons I disliked running early on. Making the switch in mindset has led to some great adventures, lots of memories, and meeting some really awesome people.

What is your most memorable race?
My most memorable race to date was the McDowell Mountain Frenzy 50-miler. The reason it’s so memorable - I DNF’d! At mile 42 my knees were shot and I could not continue. I wanted it so bad, but my body had other plans, so I decided not to risk injury and dropped. While I don’t have any plans to complete that particular 50-miler (not at all a fan of Thompson’s Peak), I would like to complete another 50-miler (and probably greater) soon.

What is your advice to someone just starting?
Find a group to run with. Initially when I heard about running groups, I didn’t really understand why they existed as it didn’t seem like a group activity. However, after running with STTR, I learned that it most certainly can be. While we all have our own goals and reason for being out there, we all enjoy it, so why not connect with like-minded people. Plus, as a bonus you get to run with some fun and motivating people, which takes your mind off of the monotony that running can bring.