Featured Member (July) - Tom Pigorsh

3 interesting nuggets
  • I was lucky enough to have traveled throughout my childhood. There are only a few states I have not visited or lived in. So, living in Arizona for the last 6 years has been a serious change. This is the longest I’ve lived in any location to date.
  • I went to high school in Hawaii and played in several bands on the weekends for money. The most successful of which was a punk/ska/reggae band called Wake N Bake (remember this is Hawaii haha). I still keep in contact with my old bandmates, some of which are now professional musicians.
  • Before moving to Arizona, I lived in Colorado where I did not run at all. How, I don’t know. I did, however, climb several of the highest peaks in the state which I credit for some of the spark that eventually led to a mountain addiction.
Why do you run?
This is an ever changing and evolving concept as I become more of an “experienced” runner.
Running has become the constant in my life that serves the role of a stress reliever, solitary
contemplation time, social outlet and many other things.

What is your most memorable race?
I have a pretty limited race history, but the Pikes Peak Ultra 50 Mile is by far the most memorable of what I’ve accomplished. That being said, races are great, but I think the real joy I experience comes from the training, adventuring and boundary pushing that happens during the preparation time leading up to race day.

What is your advice to someone just starting?
Find a group of experienced people to run with. The information you gain from their experience is invaluable in avoiding injury, preparation and sustainability. Plus, everyone loves to share their joy of running with other people! Also, never trust an ultra-runner when they say they’re just going out for some easy miles… it’s a lie. Every. Damn. Time.


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