The SIS Life

I hear it all the time from my fellow runners...

"GU's are just so...blech"
"If I have to gag down another gel I'm going to puke!"

Most of us would rather die a fiery death than force another gel down in the middle of a race or training run. The problem is viscosity. You know, that awesome blob of sugary mass slowly gliding down your throat followed by what feels like 3 gallons of water. A couple years ago, I really got tired of this problem and started searching for a product that didn't require a chaser.

As you can imagine, I've tried almost every calorie-infused drink out there with marginal success. They end up packing them with so many electrolytes that it's impossible to get the right calories without an overdose or sodium, potassium or magnesium (at least during Arizona summers). There has to be a better way.

I'm certainly not the first to click on a Facebook ad - but the 12 SIS Isotonic energy gels for $5.99 seemed like too good of a deal to pass up! After a little research, I learned that Isotonic is a fancy word for 'already mixed with water' which means that unlike sticky and goopy gels, they have a water-like consistency, great taste and are super-easy to digest. They are a little larger in format but that doesn't mean they're any less effective.

I've been training with SIS energy gels for a couple years now (lemon and mint is my favorite) and am excited to have them as the official 2018 nutrition sponsor of the San Tan Trail Runners. We'll have more details on the benefits posted soon but everyone will get the chance to use these great products.

I can't wait for you to give them a try!!