Welcome to the San Tan Trail Runners!

Some of you may not know that I work 100% from home. The only human interaction I get during the day is on a screen or my kids knocking on my office door complaining that the wifi is slow. STTR is my outlet. My escape from corporate captivity.

I never imagined that this group would achieve the reach and influence it has over the last couple years. I just wanted to hang out with like-minded folks and have a good time on the trails. But now with close to 700 members, I decided it was time to break the shackles of Facebook and introduce STTR to the rest of the world. They need to know what they're missing!

So have a look around and enjoy our new site. It will continue to evolve and grow just like this group has.

Invite your friends.
Invite your spouse/partner.
Invite your co-workers.

YOU are the reason this group is awesome!


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